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(To visit the Persian version of my portfolio please visit this link. It is based on the new Persian script. )

Certified graduate Technical Web Designer with Distinction who had studied at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)'s intensive Technical Web Designer program(January 2015 entry). Have a sense of layout design and typography. Art is a part of my life as a musician, photographer, poet, martial artist and graphic designer. I also have an associate degree in Occupational Health and Safety Engineering from Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Persia (Iran). Currently I am a part-time student studying Applied Software Developement at BCIT and I have classes only one day a week late evenings. If you want to see my school time portfolio (you might find it interesting) you should visit this link.

Image of me(Hormoz Pezhman)

In this portfolio you can visit some of my favorite web design works.

To visit each project website, click or touch (on touch devices) the image of the website project. It will guide you to a new tab.

The first project: A website for BCIT

a picture of a BCIT TWD website

This project was chosen in a web design competition for a prize at BCIT.

As you can see(if you have visited the website) my name is down below at the footer beside my groupmates.

The website is now the informal website of the Technical Web Design program at BCIT. Future web designer students at BCIT have a lot to do on this website. For web designers' information, it is based on bootstrap.

The second project: a website for an engineering company called Progress International Consultants

Progress International Consultants website screen shot and link

As the webmaster and IT person of the company I have implemented the website and mainained it. For web designer's information, the website is based on Wordpress, and it is highly customized.

This is my Progress international Consultants' business card:

An image of my progress international business card

My third project: my final project at TWD program at BCIT: Maple Tree Appliances

During my education at BCIT, my final project became a word press website based on a theme generated by me and my groupmate Joutiar Ghaderyan for a home appliaces business called "Maple Tree Appliances".

A screenshot of the maple tree appliances website on iphone6 plus

Not only I have designed websites but also I have designed Logos.

Logos are designed for different purposes.

Logos are designed by Illustrator program.

This Logo was designed for a fake dentistry.

This is my Logo.

Not only I can create websites based on photoshop mockups, but also I can change photos and make them suitable for different purposes.

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